• Revolution Cafe (map)
  • 3248 22nd Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94110
  • United States

We're going to play our pants off!! This Sunday will be an exciting Balkan Sundays with 4 dudes. Joey Friedman, Evan Stuart, Sean Tergis, and me (Calvin). We'll make you laugh, cry, scream, dance, flagellate, flatulate, fluctuate, and feel randy! Bring an instrument and sit in. Bring your dancing feet and stomp on the ground. Come on down this Sunday to Revolution cafe, dance away those extra pounds you put on from the gluttony of Thanksgiving, and feel the joy of being alive!!!!!

Balkan Sundays is a free weekly event that takes place at Revolution Cafe in San Francisco. For more info on Balkan Sundays, click here