• Humanist Hall (map)
  • 390 27th Street
  • Oakland, CA, 94612
  • United States

Join us in celebrating this awesome planet, the gift of life, and the rich diversity of West Coast traditional arts communities. Bask in music and dance with a golden weekend of convivencia at this warm and pleasant venue with a huge open oak-shaded yard.

Musicians, Dancers, and Artists representing with their art and love: Balkan, Middle-Eastern, Latin, Americana, Roma, Hawai'ian, Greek, and more. Traditional music and dance in a VERY relaxed setting, with multiple headliners, glorious dancers, and special guests!

This event is 100% family-friendly, and aims to create the feel of mid-week at music camp, with carpets and pillows for lounging, great food, freinds, laughter, and plenty of room to dance.


Friday April 14 - Doors 3pm, Music 6 - 9pm

Saturday April 15 - Doors at Noon, Music 1 - 10pm. Informal music and fun after into the night.

Sunday April 16 - Doors Noon, Music 1 - 9pm.


$20-$100 suggested donation 

no one turned away for lack of funds.

This is a grassroots festival and all proceeds after expenses will go to the artists. Since it looks like the weather will be fine, we will fill the beautiful park-like yard with jam-spaces under the oaks, a musical-instrument petting-zoo, and perhaps a few sellers of quality handmade goods by the massive outdoor fire hearth: and honest food and beverages will be available by donation from Waggie's Coffeehouse


schedule coming soon

*Maestro Omar Mokhtari - Andaluse

*Rumen Sali Shopov's Meraklii - Balkan Roma

*La Familia Peña-Govea - Mexican/Colombian/Caribbean

*The Feldthouse Family Band - Cali-style belly circus

*Tak Tak Boom - zurnas and davul (Chittenden, Lai, Tergis)

*Māhealani Uchiyama and Hālau KaUaTuahine - Hawai'ian

*Dan Cantrell Project w/Elizabeth Strong

*Agapi Mou - Greek Island music

*Bruno's Thrupenny Uprights - Traditional European waltz and social-dance

*Samaria - Cretan/Turkish/Greek/Central-Asian (Gary Haggerty/Yasin Sumits/Elana Brutman)

*Sabaya - Balkan and Balkan-inflected originals

*Matt Wright/Afghan Orchestra of Greater Turistan - Afghan

*Michelle Alany and the Mystics - Sephardic/Klezmer/Balkan/Swing

*Three Trick Pony - David Wagner+, originals and Americana

*Neema Hekmat+ - Persian Santoor

*WOWMAD Swingtimers - Swing

*Silk Road Caravan - Middle-Eastern party favorites for dancers

*Kaptain Bottletop - Swedish/Norwegian/Scandinavian

*Miriam Peretz/ Nava Dance Collective - Persian/Central-Asian

*Jana Rosa - Awesomeness

It's going to be brilliant weekend! ...check back for more details as we get them, we look forward to celebrating with you!