• Croatian American Cultural Center (map)
  • 60 Onondaga Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA, 94112
  • United States

Featuring Yuri Yunakov & The Grand Masters of Roma Music

Sal Mamudoski, Erhan 'Rambo' Umer, Rumen Sali Shopov

HERDELJEZI is the traditional Romani (Gypsy) spring holiday of renewal and fertility. Just so, the Herdeljezi Festival seeks to renew interest in and attention to the continued struggles of Romani people around the world; it counters negative Gypsy stereotypes and supports efforts by Roma to rebuild and maintain their communities, improve their lives and strengthen their international voice and visibility.

4:00 pm - Instrumental workshop with Grand Masters band - all instruments welcome

6:00 pm - Panel discussion on Romani music and human rights, with the artists (discussion free to public)

7:30 pm - Romani dance workshop, with Sani Rifati

8:30 pm - Dance party, with the Grand Masters band

Bulgarian/Balkan food by Hristo Kolev - available for purchase.

Dance party with the Grand Masters of Roma Music band:

$20 (also includes the dance workshop at 7:30 pm); Free admission for kids under 12.

Festival Pass: $35 (includes everything)

Instrumental Workshop: $20