• The Starry Plough (map)
  • 3101 Shattuck Avenue
  • Berkeley, CA, 94705
  • United States
Helios and La Peche.jpg

Admission is $10-20 sliding scale
21+ after 10pm (kitchen closes then)

August's edition of the Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal presents a multi-part concert featuring the rare worldly talent of local Bay Area musicians. The Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal is a notoriously raucous marathon of music and dance at the Starry Plough on the second Friday of every month.

Performing 2nd: La Pêche is the Balkan project of French saxophonist Paul Bertin, collaborating with international musicians for a swinging, high energy rendition of Romanian classics as well as original songs. 

The band's melodies encapsulate a decade of musical exploration from the Roma villages of Transylvania to the streets of Istanbul, from the New Orleans jazz clubs to the fiery jams of Mexico City. They also speak with sincerity and pay respect towards traditions that are often clichéd, sharing an educated stance while cultivating the fun and juiciness of the music. 

To have "La Pêche" is a French expression meaning to be in a particularly good mood and great form ; and that's what the group immediately conveys with their furiously fun melodies. Be it at a concert, wedding party or on a street corner, their performances are always an irresistible call to dance, and a dazzling feast for the ears ! 

Performing 1st: Fresh from a stint of Greek Festivals all around California as well as Missoula, Montana and Reno, Nevada, Helios Greek Band is one of those rare bands that can play everything from modern bouzoukia to a wide sampling of Greek folk styles from all corners of the country. Come with your dancing shoes on to their wonderful family harmonies and big ensemble sound.