• El Rio (map)
  • 3158 Mission St
  • San Francisco, CA
  • USA
Mano Cherga 11:3:18.jpg

Come spend the night dancing to the soulful Balkan grooves of Mano Cherga.

The band sounds like:
Mano Cherga repertoire consists of contemporary and traditional tunes from Ex Yugoslavia, drawing to a great extent on the body of work of the Romani Music King Saban Bajramovic, as well as Goran Bregovic, Tozovac, and a mix of Hungarian, Vallachian, Macedonian, Croatian and Greek tunes, singing in more than six languages. 
Its lively performances transport the audience to the kafanas of former Yugoslavia with upbeat, steamy tempos, hypnotic Balkan rhythms, catchy melodies, and fierce violin, guitar, and oud solos.

Cover: $5