• Ivy Room (map)
  • 860 San Pablo Avenue
  • Albany, CA, 94706
  • United States
Taraf de locos 4th of july.jpg

4th of July w/ Taraf de Locos!

Taraf de Locos is back for their annual reunion concert -- this time it'll also be a FAT party because it's 4th of JULY!

2 full sets at the Ivy Room in the East Bay of all the hits + new originals + a whole new sound w/ some new music toys they're experimenting with ;)

Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea on vox, trumpet, & güira, Miguelito Leonon vox, & percussion, Mireya Jazmin Leon on the electric bass, Tano Brock on vox, sax, & guitar, and Aya Safiya on vox, violin, & timple.