• Revolution Cafe (map)
  • 3248 22nd Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94110
  • United States
Balkan Sundays Image (alternate).jpg

We got another hot rotating Balkan brass band for you this week at Balkan Sundays. On saxophone, we have the Balkan Sundays MVP, Gregory Masaki Jenkins. On trumpet, the power house with the fast chops and sweet tone, Shane Cox. Usually seen on accordion, we’ll have the multi-talented Andrew Cohen on helicon filling up the low end. On drums, we got Sean Tergis (who wont get as dazzling as an introduction as the other guys since he is modest and he is the one writing this). It’ll be a super fun night! See you there!

Balkan Sundays is a free weekly event that takes place at Revolution Cafe in San Francisco. For more info on Balkan Sundays, click here