• The Starry Plough (map)
  • 3101 Shattuck Avenue
  • Berkeley, CA, 94705
  • United States
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The Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal presents Dan Cantrell Quartet, Lars and In Charge & Staro Vino at The Starry Plough Pub. Doors at 8:00pm; Show at 9:00pm. Admission: $12-15 at the door. Kitchen closes at 10:00 pm (ages 21+ thereafter)

The Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal presents a new rotation of bands the Starry Plough Pub on the second Friday of every month. Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal is a concert series featuring the other-worldy talent of musicians from the Bay Area and beyond performing Eastern European folk music. A hub in the Bay Area Balkan music scene, the bacchanal provides a platform for a community of performers, folk dancers, regular attendants and new friends to revel together every month since 2011.

Dan Cantrell Quartet (11 pm): Dan Cantrell (accordion), Greg Jenkins (sax & clarinet), Josh Mellinger (percussion), and Travis Hendrix (bass).
Dan Cantrell is an Emmy-award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist who has emerged as one of the most virtuosic and well-known American accordionists. Dan is appreciated by audiences and collaborators his love for the idiosyncratic and flawed beauty found in live acoustic performance and his exploration of haunting and mysterious ambient sound textures.
Gregory Masaki Jenkins is a San Francisco Bay Area born and raised professional musician and educator who is known for his skill and passion for the music of the Balkans on clarinet, alto saxophone, and voice.
Travis Hendrix spends his time composing and performing music, in jazz and Balkan folk ensembles on clarinet and bass.
Josh Mellinger is a multi-instrumental professional percussionist based in the San Francisco Bay Area and educated at Calarts and actively performs middle eastern, indian, african and gamelan traditional styles of percussion.

Lars and In Charge (10 pm)
Lars and In Charge plays high energy fiddle tunes from Turkey, Greece and beyond. Lars Tergis leads the charge on violin with original compositions and driving, gritty interpretations of the classics. Chris Reid adds a touch of ‘West’ with percussive chordal accompaniment on acoustic guitar while Faisal Zedan keeps the beat popping on derbekki, riq and cajon.

Staro Vino (9 pm)
Staro Vino is balkan folkdance band specializing in the vintage repertoire of Bulgaria, Greece, and Macedonia. Staro Vino is Mark Jenkins (percussion and vocals), Andrew Cohen (accordion), Greg Masaki Jenkins (clarinet and vocals), and Peter Bonos (trumpet).