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  • San Francisco, CA
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Ring the bell at the gate to enter. $15

GreekFeet is pleased to announce this special workshop with Stathis Strathis and Joe GraziosiStathis will be paying a tribute to our dear friend and teacher Anna Efstathiou by teaching her signature dance Vari Hasapia.  Joe will be teaching a mix of regional Greek dances.

It is going to be an interesting, entertaining evening in the usual GreekFeet fanfare but with an added treat of having these two dynamic Bostonian Greeks joining us.

Stathis Strathis has BA in Physical Education with a Dance Emphasis and a Masters of Arts in Creative Arts with a Dance Emphasis both from San Francisco State University. When he was a student at S.F. State in 1978 he saw a flier about Joe Graziosi teaching Greek Folk Dance at the University of California Berkely and has been a fan of his ever since. During his 13 years in S.F. he took Anna Efstathiou's Monday night classes. He founded the Constantinople Group in the 80's and they were the first Greek Folk Dance Group to get into the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. He danced for 3 seasons with the Nellie Demoglou Greek Folk Dance Theater in Rhodes,Greece where en ended up living for over 20 years. He taught Jazz Dance, Ballroom & Latin Dance and Greek Folk dance in the United States and on Rhodes both at the Ellie Paraskeva School of Dance and at the University of the Aegean of the Aegean where he was a full time professor in the Department of Early Education  He now lives in Marblehead, MA where he teaches weekly both Greek Folk Dance and Argentine Tango. Stathis is a native Bostonian and grew up in the Boston Greek community. 

Joe Kaloyanides Graziosi has done extensive research on regional dance in Greece and among Greek communities in the U.S. He has taught throughout the world for community groups and at major folk dance camps, including the Balkan Music and Dance Workshops since 1982. He has served as judge and advisor for the west coast Greek Orthodox Folk Dance Festival (FDF) since 1984, and judge and advisor for the southern states Hellenic Dance Festival (HDF) for the past 8 years. He is, along with Ahmet Luleci, co-founder of the annual World Music & Dance Camp, now in Iroquois Springs, NY.